Offshore Resourcing in India

Offshore Resourcing

BSL-i offers the cost-efficient offshore development services without compromising on quality and timescale of your project. We have experienced project management team which ensures regular communication, firm release plans and timely delivery of your project. We have ensured successful delivery of multiple projects across varied technical domains for clients based in UK and India.

  • Cost saving :By outsourcing your software development to BSLi you can be ensured of almost 40% savings to your budget. We offer multiple cost models for you to choose from, based on your requirements and budget. We do not have any hidden costs and believe strongly in building longer term relationships with our clients.
  • Excellence in quality : BSLi offers excellence in quality of work with their proficiency, wide-ranging domain acquaintance and knowledge base of their experienced members of staff.
  • Reduced project cycle : BSLi has streamlined the project management process to ensure timely delivery of all projects.
  • Flexibility : BSLi offers you flexibility in terms of team size, working hours, technical domain and cost model.
  • Business expansion : By making a partnership with BSLi, other companies can promotes the business to the unexplored areas and thus results in a great business expansion.
  • Dedicated Development Team : We realise importance of a stable project team for timely delivery of a project. Once a team of software engineers is assigned to our customer, BSLi doesn’t change its structure unless there is a request to do it. This team is assigned and dedicated to you as an extension of your in-house IT department.
  • Established IT Infrastructure : BSLi development office in within a secure environment with controlled access to authorised personnel. Our offices are equipped with dedicated Internet connection and high spec servers. To manage your remote team you are provided with a number of reliable communication services, including e-mail, secure ftp- and http-servers, multi-channel phone lines, fax, voice mail, and teleconferencing. You also get full administrative support
  • Resource pool : BSL-i provides you with access to a resource pool of a wide range of highly skilled and experienced IT Professionals. Without need to pay high agency fees or taking someone on your payroll, you can now assign a offshore programmer to any of your project.

Cost models

  • Fixed Cost: This model is based on a fixed cost for the project. It is the preferred model when there is a clear set of requirement and implementation is governed by tight budget or financial constraints.
  • Time Reimbursable: This model is most appropriate when the requirements, features and specification for the software being developed are likely to evolve over the development cycle. A detailed report of hours spent, broken down to task level, is sent on a regular basis to the client for cross verification.
  • FTE [Full Time Equivalent] staff resourcing: Most cost effective IT staffing solution wherein our personnel are assigned to and are dedicated to your projects. This model is appropriate where you would prefer to maintain full control of the resources. Our personnel are assigned and dedicated to your project and could cover resources such as project managers, software testers, software analysts, database developers or web designers. This model provides you with the flexibility to augment and extend your staff on a temporary or longer term basis on a highly cost-efficient basis.