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Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development offers a platform for businesses to reach their target audiences in a quick few seconds while on the go. At BSL-Information Technology, we have a proven track record of custom mobile application development and maintenance, catering to the specifications of our customers. With the rising demand for next generation technology, the smart phone market has evolved exponentially and we are proud to have the tools, expertise, and processes to develop cost-effective mobile applications with maximum reliability, flexibility, security, processing power, besides integration with other apps.

  • BSL-Information Technology is a leading name in the field of mobile application development, having expertise in creating mobile applications in iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile.
  • We are experts in conceptualizing, creating, designing, and QA testing mobile applications.
  • Our professional team has the experience and capability of mobile application development and porting the same between devices and platforms.
  • We are proficient in creating customized mobile and web applications catering to the needs of our clients from various industries, including health & fitness, financial institutions, entertainment, communication, and sports institutes, among others. ¬†Our coders and designers bring with them a great deal of knowledge in the field of mobile application development.
  • We are supportive of your business requirements and provide maintenance and product support services to design value-added mobile phone applications catering to your business requirements, ensuring value addition, functionality, and enhanced efficiency.

Leveraging our industry intelligence and technological background, we devise and create applications that are customer-friendly and well within your budget, helping you gain competitive advantage in the market. Our immensely talented team works dedicatedly toward mobile application development to create cost-effective, scalable programs that are compatible with handheld devices and mobile phones. At BSL-Information Technology, our commitment to quality is matchless and we follow best practices throughout the development phase to give our customers robust applications.