Offshore Resourcing in India

Consultancy Approach to Outsourcing

At BSL-information Technology, BSLi, we offer fully managed sourcing services to help adopt the right sourcing strategy, thus saving both time and money and boosting performance across the supply chain. We follow a consultative approach in providing you with different sourcing options to help you choose the right option on the basis of your business demands and objectives.

It’s Managed Sourcing, Not Just Outsourcing

Outsourcing has come a long way over the past few years. At BSLi, we understand there is a clear dividing line that distinguishes between the modern day managed sourcing strategies and conventional outsourcing options. We leverage cutting-edge technology, giving you more flexibility, helping you bring more innovations, and ability to absorb peak loads so that you are able to respond to the ever-changing requirements in a timely manner.

  • We have the expertise to help you build a sourcing strategy around the requirements and situation of your business, offering you continued assistance in the form of dedicated remote services and on-site consulting.
  • If you lack a production engineering team, you can rely on the BSLi professionals for smart managed sourcing solutions.
  • Taking full responsibility of all the activities of the product lifecycle, we use our expertise to offer product development, thus sharing your burden and helping you focus on your core competencies.
  • We have the required resources to create a virtual offshore delivery center comprising a dedicated team, which works dedicatedly for you under the guidance of technology experts and senior managers, offering their expert knowledge catering to your requirements.

With a promise to increase flexibility and security through managed sourcing, BSL-i drives innovation despite outsourcing, listening to your requirements closely to get high quality solutions that exceed your expectations.