Independent QA/Testing

Independent testing services by BSL Information Technology assure high quality of applications and superior end-user experience, two essential conditions for software products to succeed. Any IT application requires thorough product testing for performance, usability, reliability, security, and end-user satisfaction prior to its market introduction ensuring its robust functioning and life cycle management. Our independent testing services allow developers to test their products from an impartial point of view close to intended user experience and run quality check to identify and rectify bugs enabling better software quality and guaranteed performance.

BSL Information Technology has in place established software product testing models and procedure matured corresponding to changing industry standards, our own skill and expertise, and client requirements for high quality and error-free application testing. BSL Information Technology, with its proficiency in offshore testing services, provides the entire gamut of software testing services. Our competency lies in offering on-budget, end-to-end web application testing services based on global delivery models and underlined with comprehensive software product testing solutions.
We offer comprehensive software product testing models for all domains. It includes comprehensive core testing services for integration, regression, performance, platform, localization, API, automation, security, and work-flow for all industries. Our use of both open source and licensed tools and established web application testing models have enabled BFSI, IT, telecom, e-commerce, and healthcare businesses and application developers validate the efficacy and compatibility of their products at low cost and with full satisfaction.
Our independent testing service offerings include,

  • Core Testing Services
  • Performance Testing
  • Database & Platform Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • SOA & Web Services Testing
  • Mobile Web Application Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Component & Unit Testing
  • Testing Automation
  • Localization Testing

BSL-i Offers Independent Testing Team

We at BSL Information Technology have dedicated teams for independent testing services in all domains. Each team has a well demarcated structure and in-house experts, a profound blend of expertise and experience and working as an excellent software testing labs. All professional work in coordination with each other with exclusive attention to their specialization and task assigned.
Experienced in industry-specific requirements, they delineate exact customer requirements, targeted audience, market behavior, and end-user expectations and create application testing parameters accordingly. Both present and potential issues are given active consideration. All units and components are checked individually and also as an integrated one against set parameters.
Independent testing teams acting as dedicated offshore development and test center enable faster validation with a focused approach assuring better quality. Clients can depend on them as a reliable extension of their on-shore development centers.

BSL-i Test Plan for Improved Software Product Testing

We follow a detailed, transparent test management procedure that enables improved and independent application testing services. It includes a number of processes and activities for test design, implementation, and validation followed in close succession.

  • Test Case and Strategy: Our strategy and test case management give priority to impartial assessment and low cost of testing procedure. The test strategy is formulated keeping in mind exact requirements, budget, deadline, and the overall development framework. Resource mobilized accordingly and responsibilities are allocated.
  • Test Design and Approach: During this phase, we select the exact technologies and test methodology. Focus remains on providing innovative and unfailing solutions through by maintaining systematic stability and functional consistency throughout the software testing process.
  • Test Models and Planning: We prepare test models based on effective planning and specific business logic. Our previous experience in various test scenario permit us to anticipate obstacles and prepare customized test cases at the earliest. The planning part looks into strengths and weaknesses of project management, risk analysis, and effective scheduling and reporting mechanism.
  • Test Process: Our professionals carry on the test process in real-time environment in adherence to the set master plan. The process reflects all specifications and planned execution while its flexibility enables additions as new client suggestions arise.
  • Test Documentation and Reporting: All developments and test findings are duly noted following test analysis and reported to the developer with suggestions.

Why BSL-i Software Product Testing Services

  • Expertise and experience in all domains
  • Comprehensive software independent testing
  • Ready-to-use test packs
  • Use of open source tools to keep costs low
  • Assured on-time delivery
  • Skilled, trained in-house professionals
  • Dedicated software testing teams
  • Resource optimization and prior test domain analysis