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Android Application Development

While mobiles have transformed the way you do business, specialized Android application development has enables businesses to become more interactive with their customers. At BSL-Information Technology, we understand the importance of a mobile platform for your business and offer specialized android app development services to create a better mobile experience for you.
We offer expert offshore Android custom application development and create adaptive, cutting-edge, and agile applications for our clients, providing added features for end users. Our skilled developers use cutting-edge technology, java and android framework for specialized Android application development for pocket PC, iPads, smart phones, and other mobile devices.

Since Android is an Open source platform, supported by Google, you don’t need to wait for the apps to be approved by App store. The Android apps are hardware independent and can be used on multiple handsets.  We are a market leader in Android apps development and are proud to serve our clients from diverse backgrounds and sectors, including technology, information, media, insurance, medicine, banking, retail, entertainment, social networking, fitness, telecommunications, and finance institutions. We offer our services in:

  • Android mobile development
  • Android ecommerce app development
  • Android web development
  • Android games development
  • Android Wi-Fi development
  • Android utility app development
  • Android lifestyle app development
  • Android entertainment app development
  • Android multimedia/ social networking app development

Why Us?

Our specialized Android application development team follows a client-centric approach and takes inspiration from successful projects in developing unique Android applications at an unbelievable price. As a professional IT outsourcing company that takes pride in producing excellent results for our clients, we do extensive work and research on Android applications, which has helped us become an efficient Android applications development company.

As a premier specialized Android application development company, we create versatile applications to meet the changing technological developments.